SER Group: Unifying ECM and BPM on a Single Platform

By CIOReview Team

Possibly the most important step any business can take is to manage its information efficiently. This is increasingly seen not as an IT function or a compliance function, but as a strategic effort comprising all departments of a corporation. Intelligent document filing and classification can be an enormous productivity tool when implemented consequentially. There is a clear demand in the market for a unified platform for the entire content base having different silos in the organization where users can look into different applications and content is archived in various places. Catering to such organizational demands is the Germany-headquartered SER Group with their international network of sales offices and partners across the globe.

With Indian Office in New Delhi headed by S. Visweswaran as Vice President – APAC with special focus to the entire APAC Region, SER Group has been setting new standards in the development of Enterprise Content Management software (ECM) for the past 30 years. With Doxis4, SER develops and implements software for future-ready Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems. The Doxis4 iECM Suite boosts the information literacy of each employee and of the entire organization without compromising with the security and potential of the information. This software company connects people with information, synchronize business processes and facilitates knowledge-based teamwork across companies, suppliers customers and business partners. By implementing Doxis4 the digital workspace of the future can already become a reality today.

With Doxis4, ECM and BPM applications as well as individual software solutions that redefine how companies and people work with information today, are created. The Doxis4 iECM Suite is based on a state-of-the-art service-oriented architecture (SOA). The flexible application architecture is designed to provide companies of any industry with the software solutions that just fit their needs: from ready-to-run solution templates to individually customized solutions, Doxis4 combines industry expertise with a future-driven vision of modern content management to increase productivity of knowledge workers significantly. Basic shared services for authorisation, security, events, audit trails and metadata administration, provide a foundation for creating high-quality ECM services for managing documents, process instances and records on a shared universal platform.

Companies use an assortment of business applications, such as ERP, accounting software, HR, CRM and CAD, to help processing and management of structured data in areas such as inventory management, accounting, human resources, sales, and customer service. Depending on the level of integration, Doxis4 can be so closely linked to other systems that users are able to work as normal in their favourite applications and notice Doxis4 functions as an extension to the business applications' standard functions. “Our growth is underlining the success and consequently there is a big demand that we are facing for a single platform which provides content and process management; Doxis4 is the answer to the demand”, explains Rhlid Morad, Managing Director, SER Solutions International.

With the global company DHL Express being one of SER’s portfolios of reputed customers that use Doxis4 to archive 5 million records every day, the organization was also recognized by Gartner among the international top players in ECM in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Content Management 2015 and as the only German ECM vendor in this list.SER Group has a firm mindset to establish much better footprints in the APAC region and especially in the Indian market, by availing the Digital India opportunity. To do so, SER Group not only works with local sales representatives in India and China, but also via a growing network of established, specialised business partners. Leading automobile manufacturers, global IT organizations from India and several banking and financial institutions and companies have expressed interest in collaborating with SER Group. “We see great potential in the Indian market. The feedback from the market shows that the interest is mutual. Therefore, we look forward to introducing Doxis4 to local corporations directly or via business partners from the region for them to experience the benefits first hand. Digital India is a promising initiative, not only for the people of India,” concludes Rhlid.

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