Creative Web Mall - Infusing Creativity in the Way Organizations Communicate Internally

CIO Vendor With penetration of digital transformation in workflow environment, enterprise content management (ECM) solution has gradually emerged as an essential in the enterprise information toolkit. More so, with increasing amount of content to process in a workflow environment, business managers often find collaborative communication as a challenging task. There has been raising demand for automatic and intuitive document management tools that can enable rightful access at right time.

Based out of Mumbai, Creative Web Mall (India) Private Limited is a social intranet software company, providing safe and secured collaborative communication platform to enhance interactivity amongst the employees. While ensuring multi channel communication, the platform builds seamless interactive social network of employees with follow, share, like, dislike and comment options. The company specializes on intranet, extranet and ECM for verticals like retail, market research, finance, pharmaceuticals, construction and infrastructure development to name a few.

Sony Surana, Managing Director, Creative Web Mall (India) Pvt. Ltd explains that as a matter of fact, organizations today require a strategic ECM solution that not just stores important information, but also saves unstructured information in an accurate manner which could be accessed and processed easily in future. Creative Social Intranet as a platform avails user friendly application to handle documents and information in a chronological order. The solution facilitates advanced search options that in order to maintain information record with various modules and categories.
The document management system within Creative Social Intranet deploys active directory sync and IP based access control which in turn consolidates information and mitigates the issues that arise from duplicate data.

Creative Web Mall is providing safe and secured collaborative communication platform to enhance interactivity amongst the employees

Creative Web Mall (India) Pvt. Ltd has designed smart ECM solution to eliminate printing and controlling critical documents online. Creative Social Intranet is an effective employee engagement platform developed to ensure robust and beneficial collaboration platform.

By enabling digital documents along with a window for e-communication, Creative Social Intranet guides digitalization journey of an organization. The responsive browser based software suits multiple types of devices with sophisticated features such as single sign-in for multi platforms and easy shift to other applications. “Inspired by Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Google contacts and other best in the breed social and professional networks, Creative Social Intranet requires no employee training for using it”, adds Sony.

While extending its footprints globally, Creative Web Mall (India) Pvt. Ltd primarily focuses to evaluate a new way of internal communication in the organizations irrespective of its size and number of employees. This in turn works best to streamline the business procedures. With such efforts in place, Creative Web Mall (India) Pvt. Ltd is all set to establish itself as a key player in intranet software and enterprise solutions space in the years to come.