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CIO Vendor ECM on cloud has become an attractive option for any organization whose workforce is distributed and need of information required is established on a server with physical access from various locations. Besides, hybrid-cloud based ECM tools have already become trusted paths for businesses on a look-out to manage parts of their content in the cloud while keeping other, more sensitive items on-prem.

However, all these advancements long for a heavy-on-the-budget solution, which is not that attractive at all. Headquartered in Bangalore, Pogeyan is creating a unique proposition with Cloud based ECM solution that will help deliver a huge cost reduction in running and maintenance of huge ECM systems. Pogeyan Technologies Private Limited, a product consulting services provider, has been incorporated by IT professionals with many years of experience in SAP development, consulting and business management. Pogeyan is also an Open Source implementer of Apache Chemistry Specification based ECM system to provide tailored cloud solutions for each industry.

A Promising CMIS
The formalized means of organizing and storing documents and other contents of companies have been revolutionized with the advent of cloud technology. With an exclusive blend of visionary products and high value services, Pogeyan’s CMIS implementation is purely cloud based and optimized for the cloud, calibrated to reduce TCO in both running and maintenance of CMIS solution. Pogeyan has plans underway for a generic case management system for the cloud that will be dynamic to provide easy customizations.
The system has the blueprint to incorporate Access control, Custom retention policies, Storing in different file content systems such as AWS S3, Azure Storage or custom, and Backend REST API access to enable for custom integrations.

Pogeyan’s CMIS is being designed to become a middleware that can run on top of cloud enterprise systems such as SAP, Oracle, Salesforce etc., with a lot of different backends using SQL or NoSQL, as required by the ECM system. A guaranteed reduction of a lot of overhead in running operations in multiple clouds or targeting backends from one cloud to the other is expected. This, in turn also reduces development and maintenance costs targeting based on open source specification with Apache Chemistry.

Pogeyan has plans underway for a generic case management system for the cloud that will be dynamic to provide easy customizations

Being a strategic partner, Pogeyan guides its clients through the transformation journey into a truly digital, data-driven enterprise and empowers them to take advantage of the digital revolution to innovate, differentiate and grow. Pogeyans’ solutions are worked out to radically improve performance and stretch of client enterprises. This is followed by delivering accelerated time-to-market for new products and services, enhanced customer responsiveness, maximized productivity and efficiency in business processes, and considerably lower total cost of ownership.

Pogeyan is a trusted partner to several Fortune 500 Companies globally for managing their end-to-end Application Life Cycle and Business Critical Processes. With such reputation to keep up with, Pogeyan strives constantly to innovate and improvise while ensuring the best value for their people, ecosystem, partners and customers.